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Eternal Sacrifice - Musikantiga... Predicas Do Vero Baratro (2003)

*Артист: Eternal Sacrifice
*Альбом: Musikantiga... Predicas Do Vero Baratro
*Год: 2003
*Стиль: Black Metal
*Страна: Brazil (Salvador/BA)
1. Paganus Doctrina (OPUS I: The Sexuality Viper Tybor Gift on the Archane Orchard of Greyh Eyes and Ebony Skin) "Introiro" 0:54
2. The Golden Serpent Kundaline om the Bows of Stone of the Water and Sun Into the Temple of Salomon... (Poetic Rhapsody) 10:10
3. Paganus Doctrina (OPUS II: Rustic Places of Eternal God from Ancient Phoenician Civilization... Newborn Child Sacrifice) 1:54
4. The Mortal in the Valley of the Beltion of Fire and the Mystic Sword of Archanun Baal Iblis at Regency of the Mountain Poet... The Great Magician! (MUSICKANTIGA il Troto) 8:46
5. Ignis Mallus, a Tale of Lullabies (PRELUDE) 1:22
6. Isis-Urânia Agreed at Zahoris Pendulum Spin Her Ring on the Table of the Star Order and Advertise the Neo-Aeon. 9:51
7. Rex Infernus Trilogy: *O Impetuoso Rei da Lascívia *New Rites on the Mysterie's Temple of Elêusis, a Nest of Serpent's Wings *Dogmatic Rites of High Magick in the Eleusics Fields, the Aradia... 20:50
8. La Toyson d'Or... Barathrum Lapidem at Zos Kia Cultu: ACT I – The Immortal Master's Light, Art and Poetry! ACT II – The Immortal Master's Shadow, Pact with the Wise! 8:09
9. The Last Dance of Nymphs on the Fountain of Thelemas Garden 10:37

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