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Agatus - Dawn Of Martyrdom - 1994

*Артист: Agatus
*Альбом: Dawn Of Martyrdom
*Год: 1994
*Стиль: Black Metal
*Страна: Greece
1. Under the Spell of the Dragon
2. Desecrate from the Dark War
3. Son of the Fire
4. Black Moon's Blood
5. Dream from the Ancient Land
6. The Return of Flying Horses
7. Demons of the White Moon
8. Force of Desecration
9. Freezing Wind of Winter
10. Outro
11. Prayer In Honour Of Agatus
12. Circling Around The Fire Of The Woods
13. Sodomizing Bloodshed Under A Frozen Blaze Of Catachtonian Land
14. Descent Of The Dark One
Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/ejl165m8t

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